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There is a famous expression: “What happened in Las Vegas stayed in Las Vegas. Not surprisingly, Sin City has many secrets, especially as they relate to gambling at its famous casinos. However, some savvy players have decided to break the vow of silence and share with the audience of the Q&A site a number of considerations that the casinos are sure you won’t be told about. BBC Travel correspondent summarized the observations.

Drunk means lost.

Many unsophisticated tourists may think free alcohol is an added incentive to visit a casino, but in fact behind such generosity is a clear strategy. “Unless you are endowed with some supernatural tolerance for alcohol, drinking alcohol will have a negative effect on your attention span and ability to assess the situation,” writes Nevada-born American John Mixon. – “If you hope to win, you have to be sober.

In any game, the casino wins – with one exception

Quora respondents emphasize again and again that casinos make a profit from each of their games, but the percentage of that profit varies. Programmer Ilya Weigman of Menlo Park, California, USA, and hospitality employee Jenn Tseng of Las Vegas itself agree that the worst odds for players are on roulette. The casino’s acceptable share of profits on roulette with two zeros is considered 5%; on the “passing line” (standard bet) in craps, 1.4%; and in blackjack (a game of point), just 0.28%. Mixon also notes that at smaller casinos, the odds may be slightly more favorable because such establishments cannot afford to hire the best croupiers.

As for the game with the best odds, Las Vegas resident Don Dawson recommends poker: “All other games make casino profits. Poker is the only game where the casino doesn’t take money directly from the players. Winning or losing depends solely on you and your skills.”
To win big on the machines, you have to bet the maximum

“If you’re playing the machines, it doesn’t make any sense to bet minimally,” advises Tseng. – Maximum bet = maximum winnings.” As a rule, the maximum bet is two or three times the minimum bet. For example, on a machine with a minimum of 25 cents, the maximum will be 50 or 75.
Casinos are built in such a way as to disorient customers

If you’re already in a casino, it’s not easy to leave. “The architecture of a casino is like a maze,” Weigman notes. – You get lost, because that’s how it’s designed. And then you sit in a chair at a machine or a blackjack table, and voila – you’re spending money!”

It’s the same reason casinos don’t have hours. “They don’t want us to think it’s late and time to go home,” writes Garrick Saito of Los Angeles. – “The longer you play, the more you usually lose.
Winning at the casino

Has fortune turned on you? Take your money and run!

If you win, walk away.

All respondents agree that the only way to get back from Las Vegas with money is to stop gambling when you’re in the black. “You’ll only manage to win once or twice during your entire stay,” says Mixon. – When that happens, get up and leave. Otherwise, you’ll blow all your winnings – and more.”