Caribbean Stud Poker

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Caribbean Stud Poker is a 5 card poker game where the objective is to have a stronger poker hand then the dealer. The game is dealt from a standard 52 card deck. Before the game starts, the player is required to make an ante bet with an optional $1 side bet for the progressive jackpot (if you’re playing progressive caribbean stud). When all bets are placed the dealer deals five cards face up to all players as well as the dealer. Only one of the dealer’s cards is exposed, and there are no more draws.

After the deal, the player has the option to fold or press on. If the player folds, the ante is lost. If the player continues he must make a call bet which is always double the amount of the ante. After everyone at the table has either folded or called, the dealer shows his cards and the consequences are as follows:

If the dealer does not have a poker hand of Ace-King or better, he does not qualify. In this case, all players who called their bets (stayed in) are payed the amount of their initial ante. Even if the player’s hand does not qualify, the player still wins.

 Dealer Qualifies, Player Loses
  If the dealer exposes a hand of Ace/King or higher, and is higher than the players hand, the player loses the ante and the call bet.
 Dealer Qualifies, Player Wins

  If the dealer exposes a hand of Ace/King or higher, but is lower than the players hand, the player recieves double the ante, and double the call bet. Check the below charts for the corresponding payouts to significantly strong player hands:

 Player’s Hand Payouts
 Royal Flush  100 to 1
 Straight Flush  50 to 1
 Four-of-a-Kind  20 to 1
 Full House  7 to 1
 Flush  5 to 1
 Straight  4 to 1
 Three-of-a-Kind  3 to 1
 Two Pair  2 to 1
 One Pair  1 to 1
 Ace-King  1 to 1
Dealer must qualify to win
 $1 Progressive Jackpot Payout
 Royal Flush  100% of jackpot
 Straight Flush  10% of jackpot
 Four-of-a-Kind  $500
 Full House  $100
 Flush  $50
Dealer does not need to qualify to win
 We do not recommend progressive side bets, they have a strong house advantage and are generally not worth your money.