Are you new to online gambling?

Below, you can find answers to some common questions about online casinos. You’ll find that playing at online casinos is safe, secure, quick, and just as much fun as playing in Las Vegas.

No, online casinos don’t cheat. All the major (reputable) online casinos use RANDOM NUMBER GENERATORS and sophisticated technology to ensure that the outcome of the games is completely random. By using random number generator technology, even the casino does not know the outcome of the next card, next slot machine spin, or next roll of the dice. This means that unlike Las Vegas blackjack or other table games, you can not count cards as a strategy, because the next card is truely random! Most new players think that since they’re playing online, all the casino games are controlled by a computer, so it’s different from Las Vegas or traditional style casino gaming. This is not always true, because even the slots in Las Vegas are operated by sophisticated computers that control the odds of each machine. Online casinos work in a similar manner, but this is true for all the casino games.

What if I win? How do I receive my winnings?

In most cases, you will receive your winnings instantly. The method of receiving your winnings depends on how you made your deposit to the casino. For example, if you used your credit to make your deposit to the casino, you will most likely receive your winnings back to your credit card. If it is a large amount, then part of the winnings will be paid back to your credit card, and the rest will be sent to you by a check, or bank wire transfer. You can choose. In general, the winnings are paid out using the same method that you deposited to the casino, but this can vary depending on the amount you won. Expect transactions such as credit cards and neteller to be completed instantly, and expect to receive the funds using check or wire transfers within a week or two.

How do I pick a safe online casino?

There are a lot of online casinos to choose from, about 1200 they say, and to the beginner it may seem confusing telling them apart. Some important things to consider are:

  • Does the casino offer a sign-up bonus? If so how much?
  • Does the casino have transaction fees? If so how much?
  • Do they have a reputation for making prompt payouts?
  • Does the casino offer multiple toll free phone number?
  • Check to see if they list a local phone number you can call, in case 800 number is down?
  • Is the casino licensed?
  • Is there information available about who owns and operates the casino?
  • Do they use software acquired from one of the big gaming software firms? Or did they develop their game software in house?
  • Have they been in business long enough to establish a bettor-friendly track record?
  • Is their record free of customer complaints?
  • Do they use third-party payment systems to take the risk out of withdrawing money from your account?
  • Is the casino licensed by their host country?